Hell is other people?

Hell is other people?

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Don’t forget ‘Hair of the Dog’ is always accepting submissions.


Now Accepting Submissions

Not to try and lure any of you folks away from WordPress, but I’ve started a Publication on Medium called the ‘Hair of the Dog.’ My inspiration came from the poem by Baudelaire, if you read it you’ll know just what I’m looking for. I want to create a space where people can share work that neither tries too hard nor is too cool for school. I want the kind of writing that you do for the sheer bubbly good feeling of creation and not something that worries about mainstream appeal. It could be fiction, or poetry, or essays, so long as it was written with love.

This isn’t really a platform to make money, but it could be a way we all find an audience together. There’s strength in numbers after all.Anyway, it’s always nice to have another name to include on your cover letter for places you’ve published before. And when you submit a piece you can include somewhere in it a link back to your WordPress page. Market yourself without killing your darlings.

Just a thought. Let me know if you’re interested.



A Somewhat Biased Review

Let’s be honest , we all love our sisters and want them to do well. We want to be the supportive sibling that helps their dreams come true. And, maybe I’m projecting here, but when that person you love sends you her manuscript on which she’s spent a year’s worth of hard work, that can be a nerve racking experience . What if it’s not good? What will you tell her? What if it is good? Will the three people who read your blog trust your judgement?

Well, trust me or not, Time and Tenacity is hella good.

I don’t hold with this new fad of remixing classics so ‘Pride and Prejudice’ meets ‘Doctor Who’ wouldn’t have been a book I sought out on my own if I wasn’t for my familial obligation. But though it may have been the reason I started reading, obligation wasn’t the reason I finished it. This is not your average J.J. Abrams rehash. This book takes the best qualities of those two fantastic, seemingly disparate, things and makes something completely unique and awesome. It’s not the everybody-talks-fancy-and-falls-in-love Jane Austenesque, there is a real love and understanding of the period. The Regency characters aren’t Mary Sues, they’re real, flawed, and compelling. The time travel is good, well thought out, and most importantly of all, follows its own rules.

This is YA fiction as it should be because it tells an original story in  an approachable way. It’s funny and touching and really exciting.

So yeah, I’m biased, but I genuinely loved this book and I hope you’ll love it too.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

She speaks like an expert even when she’s not, especially when she’s not. He nods and looks over her head at the basketball.

She asks if he’s listening he says of course he is. She apologizes for her tangent. He says that he likes it when she talks this way.

The answer is what she wanted and the reason she apologized.

She wasn’t sorry, she was never sorry.

She loves talking expressively and using big words and having big opinions.
But still she can’t be totally soothed. She knew he was supposed to say that. He knew he was supposed to say that. (more…)