My Whole Life is Covered in Dog Hair

Life is messy. That shouldn’t come as a large revelation to anyone currently living it. But in living this messy life, I have become a mess. Or maybe I was the mess to begin with, and life is messy as a result of me. Not everyone else mind you, just me. (more…)


Vaguely Sad Facebook Posts

So what do we do in this here modern world when then shit actually hits the fan? Not sort of hits the fan with a small amount of shit, I’m talking the truest and most gruesome interpretation of that metaphor, when your life is a shit covered stinking nightmare place. What then do we do?

I think the answer people usually go for is to find the people that they care about most in this world and force these loved ones on a guided tour of the shit. Describing in great detail its consistencies and smells, so that the loved one (more…)

Peaks and Valleys

I want to write a bit about loneliness because I feel that it’s one of the many things I know about, and don’t just switch off now thinking that this is gonna be some maudlin exposition on my sad, sad, pitiful life. That’s part of this too, that instant gut reaction to equate loneliness with sadness and sadness to pity. I want to write about the fact that melancholy isn’t necessarily always a pit for  weepy sad-sacks with nothing better to do then feel sorry for themselves. (more…)