Locker room talk

Just words…

These are my belated two cents;

Dear Mr. Trump,

It’s not “just words” to talkĀ about another person’s body like it belongs to you, like someone doesn’t have the autonomy to decide who touches them because they’re a woman and being a woman is invitation enough. The fact that you can joke about that kind of violation is because you have power, that is the definition of privilege.

And the reason people are reacting to it the way they are is notĀ because they’re distracted it’s because they are disgusted. You have never been instructed to wear something else, walk somewhere else, keep your guard up, and your head down so that nobody picks you to rape. You have absolutely no concept of what that violation feels like or what it feels like to bear the sole responsibility of protecting yourself from being the victim of a crime that you will be blamed for.

Society tells women over and over again that their bodies don’t belong to them, they have to look the way you want, act the way you want, and smile when you tell them to. Now we have someone actually so close to so much power, so many people in this country are willing to trust this embodiment of rape culture with our highest office, with the duty of protecting our fragile democracy. When someone in power no longer even pretends to believe that women are full-fledged human beings we are no longer allowed to act like there’s no such thing as patriarchy.

I guess the real point is, you can say it’s “just words” because you are not capable of empathizing with the people on the other end of those words. And why would you empathize? They’re not people. They’re just fodder for your ‘locker room talk’ and your tiny disgusting hands.