Dear Grammar Nazis, your doing it wrong



I am perplexed by grammar Nazis. Mostly because I used to be one. You know all those terrible and stupid things you did when you were an idiot kid, and now looking back you can’t believe how much of a dick you used to be? That’s how I feel about my former grammar hang-ups. I mean, used to spend so much time judging and correcting people, I actually thought that I was defending language. I thought that the people who misused language were the abusers, mutilating language with their selfish stupidity. I’ve since come to believe (more…)


The Three Most Powerful Words in the English Language

Let me first acknowledge the elephant in the room. This post really should have been titled ‘The Most Powerful Three Word Phrase in the English Language” because, as everyone knows, the most powerful three words taken independently are; ‘Free’, ‘Love’, and ‘Blowjob’. While of course the most powerful two word phrase is; ‘your mom’, and the most powerful four word phrase is; ‘only ninety-nine cents’. (Your mom is only ninety-nine cents) (more…)

For the Love of Dirty Words

*The following contains some strong language, because duh.

There is a sort-of-a-kind-of-a-thing that I like on Facebook (And here I’m using the newer, Facebook sense of the word ‘like’ which is “to subscribe to” rather than the more traditional “to find agreeable”, though both may be applicable) called Word Porn. It pops-up in my news feed with delightful quotes and obscure lexical treasures, like ‘Retrouvaille’ and ‘Eutony’. (more…)