Confederate Monuments

When Evil Men Plot

I am sitting at my computer a little numb. I’m looking at the people on the internet equivocating about violence and pining for the day when America used to be a Nation unambiguously against Nazis. I know that these people have been there the whole time. I know that my white skin and sheltered life have protected me from seeing the reality of their naked hatred but I miss the days when they used to be afraid, when they used to hide and pretend not to be associated with these vile ideals. I hate that my country has sunk this low. I cannot comprehend how any person defends the terrorism that occurred or tries to sidestep reflections on what has lead us here by attempting to lay the blame somewhere else.

Can we no longer, without reservation, condemn terrorism? Is that where we are? Is it worth some political points to you to now defend the KKK? Do you actually see them as your allies? Why then you do attempt to deflect the blame? Put it where it lies, at the feet of a truly evil philosophy?  Torch wielding men chanting hate again Jews, Muslims, and non-white people, are not patriots, they are traitors.

To the people who say that this was a false flag, seek help. If it makes you feel better to believe that this act of terrorism was not committed by a white nationalist you should seriously reevaluate why. You are saying that these poor white nationalist were framed.

To the people who say that BLM is just as bad, remove the plank from your own eye first, then we’ll talk. Let me just say that I personally believe that BLM is a peaceful movement addressing legitimate problems in our society. I can hold this belief because I am confident that all acts of violence performed in the name of BLM are separate from the ideals and the purpose of that movement. I can separate these things because I can say without reservation that I support the underlying message of Black Live Matter.  I don’t believe that the marchers in Charlottesville have any legitimacy in they’re claims of oppression. I do not believe that the underlying message of their rally was anything other than blind hatred and bigotry. If you honestly believe what happened in Dallas is in any way pertinent to this discussion consider very carefully what that equivalency means, you are arguing that the underlying message of this march has been perverted and was not perverted to begin with. Once again, any deflection in the discussion of Charlottesville towards the faults of your perceived political enemies is an implicit declaration that these marchers are your allies. Deflection is a defense of their actions.

Lastly, to the people who claim that this violence is acceptable because the removal of the Gen. Lee statue is somehow worse than murder. Let me say this, NO! No action against an inanimate object is ever, EVER, a justification for violence. The loss of any human life has no justification. It is always a vile and unforgivable thing. We should remember our history. We should remember that the Confederacy was a rebellion against this nation you claim to love. You do not get both. You do not get to both praise America and praise the people who violently sought to destroy her. Enough of this nonsense! In 1776, after the passage of the Declaration of Independence, one of the first acts of the revolutionaries was to pull down the statue of King George III in New York City. We do not mourn the fact that our past as a British Colony is forgotten. We do not demand that there be monuments erected to honor Gen. William Howe. I say this as an ancestor of Confederate soldiers, stop it! If you do not recognize that remembering the past and lionizing enemies of this country are separate things then I question your loyalty. Why is it so important to keep that anger alive? Why do you keep waving the flag of traitors?

My point is that there are not many sides to this issue. There are two sides. Those who seek to protect what this country stands for and those who seek to destroy it. White Nationalism has no place in this nation of immigrants. Praise for Hitler has no place in a country whose finest moment was defeating that evil. This is not up for discussion or debate. Consider very carefully what makes you resist unequivocally denouncing not just the actions of the terrorist in Charlottesville but the entirety of the rally. This is not a partisan issue. I know that the events in Charlottesville in no way represent the beliefs of the mainstream Republican party, but you are failing to cut that evil out while you look for ways to change the subject. Please, we need to be united on this.

And to my progressive brothers and sisters, don’t use this as political fodder. The failings of our president and the fault of his divisive rhetoric is not an opportunity for us to score points against the right wing. We should stand together in unity with any human being, Republican or Democrat, who is willing to say without reservation that violence and hate are not tolerated in this country. This act of terrorism was against us all.

“When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love. Where evil men seek to perpetuate an unjust ‘status quo’, good men must seek to bring into being a real order of justice.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.