2016 election

I refuse to feel bad about my ballot

I voted and I feel excited!

That’s right I said, excited. Everyone is posting about how dirty they feel casting their ballot. How they don’t like anybody, but really hate somebody. Well, screw that! I’m stoked. I just cast my ballot for the first female president. Someone who has faced constant scrutiny and personal attack and risen above it. Someone who has been raked over the coals too many times to count but each time she gets back up and keeps plugging away at policy.

Do I agree with her about everything, of course not? But that is what democracy is and how it works. It’s about consensus, trust, and reason above emotion. I refuse to hate my ballot. I researched every candidate and voted for those that I thought had the skills and the vision to do what is best. I voted for candidates in three different political parties and all of whom possess views that don’t match my perfect picture of the United Sates of Jo. But I am not the only citizen of this country, and in the grand scheme of things my druthers should not impede our perseverance. We are in this together. We are stronger together.

I refuse to feel ashamed of my vote. I am proud to live in a country of consensus, of reason, and of hope. The worst thing that this election has done is cause us to lose sight of how wonderful it is to vote and to have a voice. I also refuse to believe that those who voted differently than me, did so because they’re mean, or stupid, or evil.  Different visions coming together to find one unified ideal, that is democracy and it is wonderful and I feel good about it.

No more talk of the devil or the end times. This election is about what every election ever has always been about. A society built on cooperation. The peaceful transfer of power from one individual to the next is the greatest display of that cooperation. We all want the same thing, a country that thrives. Though we all have different ideas of what that country looks like and how to get there, we shouldn’t exchange our greatest attribute for petulance.

I voted. I loved it. I’m excited for the future. You can’t bring me down.