A List of Lists That I Would Totally Read

I read this list on Hellogiggles titled “10 Fun Careers That Don’t Feel Like Work”, and I thought it was fairly awful. It sprinkled some cheery optimism on top of a poorly thought out premise then presented it to the reader as another useless bit of internet fluff to add to clouds of nothing floating about the blogosphere these days.

Not, that I get pleasure in ripping apart articles posted by more successful bloggers than myself… I mean, I do…   but it’s not only that. This list has seriously irked me. (more…)

I would literally rather do anything other than the things I’m supposed to do

Like, for really though. I spent the last 30 minutes watching blooper reels for shows I’ve never even seen rather than start writing this post. I once wasted an entire evening watching the behind the scenes for The Proposal and then went ahead and watched the behind the scenes for practically every movie Sandra Bullock has ever made, rather than go out to a bar with my actual friends. I have laid in bed composing scenarios in which I might be called upon to save the entire western world, or planning out just exactly what sort of dress I would wear if I was ever to go to the Oscars, instead of attending class. I have scrolled through every available movie option on Netflix, read every single post on my Facebook feed, and clicked through video after pointless YouTube video, all the while that blinking curser judges me from the laptop on my lap and the great book I might someday write remains unwritten. I would rather do anything other than the things I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m not sure I hate it. (more…)

Books that changed my life (a list)

This post is a cop-out because, determined as I am to update this thing once a week, I have not yet reconciled that determination with my, as C.K. Dexter Haven would put it, deep and gorgeous thirst. Yes, instead of diligently working to provide my loving, faithful readers with novel and fascinating content, I was drinking from that sweet cup of life in Austin. Because that’s where you go to drink from the cup of life when you’re poor and live in Texas.

Anyway I read this list on Buzzfeed and was sort of stuck by the idea that I might like to make one too. I’m not claiming that any of the following books are the best books ever written, but all of them have meant some thing to me. These are the books that I finished and audibly whispered “Wow” to my empty room. You know those books that you read and you just need to tell the whole world about, these are those books for me. Enjoy. (more…)