Yearning to Breathe Free: The letter I sent to my Senators

The following is a letter sent to my Senators (Chris Coons and Tom Carper) regarding the restriction on immigration from majority Muslim countries.

Dear Senator,

I know that you are fighting for us. I know that the current political situation in this country has given you no shortage of issues that need your attention and your energy, but I implore you to consider one more. Yesterday, our president signed an executive order restricting refugees and immigrants from primarily Muslim countries. As you know, conflicts in the Middle East have displaced millions. It is the human rights crisis of age and we cannot fail to meet it. These are human beings in need of the security and stability of a home.

We used to be a nation that cared for vulnerable people. We used to be a country that was guided, not by fear and selfishness, but by the moral certitude that what is right is worth defending. I believe in this country and I believe that in the hearts of the majority of its citizens there is still a desire to be a place of refuge, a safe place in a dangerous world. To shut our doors now is to give in to an irrational fear. We condemn the victims of violence because we are afraid. We would rather hide behind our borders than live up to our principles.

I think that we are so much better than that. I know that we have the strength and courage to be the nation that stands up to bullies and protects those they prey upon. I believe that we cannot claim to be a great nation while we allow our enemies to dictate the limits of our generosity and we shrink behind walls and xenophobia. Those who seek a home in this country are our allies and to deny them that home based on their religion is an affront to our legacy as pilgrims and peacemakers.

I know that you are already hard at work for Delaware but I ask that you take a stand on this issue. Please make public your disapproval of this cowardly order. Please be the voice for the people of Delaware who believe that this nation of immigrants is still open to all who are “yearning to breathe free.”

Thank you,


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