Freedom of Speech is, just like, whatever you want it to be, right?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here but don’t take that disinterest to heart, it’s nothing personal, I’ve been busy… with, you know… things… and assorted stuff. Anyway it’s probably about time that I take the title of this blog seriously and attempt to share with all you lovely people out there just a little bit of that everything I know.

It’s never fails to play out the same way every time. ¬†Somebody says something, some people agree with them, some people don’t, and then everyone is drawn into this kindergarten name calling match over the meaning of the phrase “Freedom of Speech”. The annoying part of it is that the roles of the argument are always interchangeable depending on what political side the person who said the thing plays for. Now I know, you know that this conversation is currently taking place about a certain recent event, but I want to be clear about the fact that I have no interest in discussing the specifics of this most recent incarnation of the freedom of speech blame game, it’s the game itself I want to write about. Since I know everything I thought I’d lend my services to the world and clear this up once and for all.

It’s pretty simple, this won’t take long.

When someone says something stupid and they get fired (or some such thing) the freedom of speech has not been violated. When someone says something stupid and ends up in jail the freedom of speech has been violated.

The difference that is always contested but never understood is the difference between social consequences and institutional consequences. The right that is guaranteed in the Constitution is that right to say what you want and not be silenced by the government, the basic qualifications of being a human is that when you say something which pisses off your fellow humans you deal with the consequences of those pissed of humans, don’t cry oppression. It may suck for you, but that the way life works.

To be member of society you have to accept that the greater consensus of that society decides what is acceptable. It is then you’re choice whether you would like to follow that great consensus or oppose it. Choose your battles wisely, don’t expect mercy, don’t expect to go unchallenged, and don’t bitch about your freedom. If you are currently not incarcerated or disappeared, nothing has been violated except my Facebook feed with those same usual suspects saying the say uninformed things.


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